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[Korea Public Diplomacy Association] Korea Public Diplomacy Ambassadors – Foreigners living in Korea 2018-08-01
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To promote Korea more accurately and friendly through the eyes and mouth of foreigners living in Korea, Korea Public Diplomacy Association invites representative from each country and appoint them as Korea public diplomacy ambassador. Attention: - Foreigners living in Korea(longer than 3 years) and also who loves Korea - Foreigners who can communicate and write in Korean / Mother tongue - Foreigners who are proud of their knowledge and experience about Korea - Foreigners who can utilize their expertise in public diplomacy - Foreigners who actively operate private channels such as blogs, cafes, and SNS Benefits: - Giving out letter of appointment as a public diplomacy ambassador - Presenting for outstanding performers at the awards ceremony every year - An opportunity to carry out own planned public diplomacy project - An opportunity to become a main model of KPDA - Creating a human network - Opportunity to explore Korea - Workshop for Capacity Development and Communication Expansion - Pride that one feels when others get to know Korea through oneself Application : Send full resume and cover letter to koreapda2017@naver.com Application period : 2018.07.23 ~ 2018.08.15 Announcement of successful applicants : 2018.08.31 (Individual notice) For more detail see the pdf file uploaded

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